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Things You Should Avoid in Order to Live a Good Life

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Each child born on this earth is absolutely innocent and happy. Haven’t you felt good while playing with all children, while at the same time felt very miserable when interacting with some adults? Why do you think humans become dull as they grow up?

Well, there are quite a few reasons associated with it. First, society conditions us so much that we lose track of what is right and wrong in life. Also, we adopt an unhealthy lifestyle which may seem “normal” to others, but it could be harming our health in reality.

In this article, you will see six ways on how you could be hampering your overall health in a subtle manner yet hurting you quite badly. If you can fix all these common problems, you will be living the life you’ve always dreamt of. 

  1. Eating Junk Foods

We are living in a world where “instant gratification” is much appreciated. It’s startling to see even adults bingeing on their burgers and pizzas every now and then. Although you might not see its consequence quickly, it has a compounding effect which will make you out of shape before you even realise. 

Eating too much junk food increases your intake of excess fat, carbohydrates, sugar, which can make you vulnerable to obesity. The resulting obesity can clog up your arteries, which can invite several heart diseases as well.

  1. Comparing Your Lives with Others

The best way to lose your peace of mind is to compare your lives with others. Social media has encouraged this tendency in us to a greater extent, and it has led to the feeling of stress and anxiety today in a lot of people. What happens is we all tend to compare only the ‘highs’ of people to our ‘lows’, which is what creates misery and insecurity.

Learn to celebrate your own uniqueness as there is no-one like you on this planet. If you start discovering yourself more and more, you will see how it unlocks your hidden potential.  

  1. Finding Excuses

The problem with finding excuses is that it always hides the real problems of an individual. One tends to lose accountability for something which is hampering their success and makes them vulnerable to failures over and again. It is important to take charge of your faults and then find ways to negate it so that it doesn’t bother you again. 

Once you start owning your faults, you will see great freedom arising in you and you are happier than ever before. Moreover, as you are not blaming any external agency for your faults, you will also become friendlier towards others. 

  1. Cigarette Smoking

If you are addicted to smoking, know that you are deteriorating yourself physically and mentally, although the effects will take its time to manifest. Tobacco, the chief ingredient of a cigarette contains a lot of harmful chemicals which are perilous to a human body. Shunning cigarettes are an absolute must if you are to lead a happy and peaceful life.

If you are someone who wants to quit smoking and also wants to avoid withdrawal symptoms, try e-cigarette as an alternative. This gadget effectively avoids tobacco while helping you to choose your favourite flavour to vape as well.

  1. Aiming For Perfection

Another behaviour that always causes fear and inferiority in people is the madness for attaining perfection. Although it’s fine if you are aiming for self-improvement, the desire to find perfection can result in a lot of chaos in your life. It is important to know that we all have our own challenges in life and we should not become too hard on ourselves to find perfection.

Have patience and deal with your problems individually. If you have a family, try to take maximum accountability of your circumstances and you will slowly see how blissful you become.

  1. Social Media Addiction

We are living at a time where we are surrounded by gadgets 24×7. The social media sites provide us with constant novelty which keeps us hooked for a painfully long time. This not only burns our dopamine receptors but also makes us indisciplined, thus destroying our productivity and efficiency. This wastage of time caused by our mindless scrolling often becomes the difference between our success and failures.  

Always set a time for your daily indulgence in social media, so that you don’t deviate from your main tasks and goals for the day. 

All in All

You have just seen six ways on how you could be blocking yourself from leading the best life possible. You might have also seen the ways to overcome these problems,

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