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Things To Avoid While Preparing For JEE Exam

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JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination. JEE, is the exam that a candidate needs to clear to get admission into engineering courses at different engineering colleges. This examination gets a candidate admission into B. Tech, B. Arch, or B. Planning.

In India, the most reputed and advanced engineering institutes are IITs. The top 2.5 lakh qualified people of JEE (main) are qualified to compete for admission to these IITs which is the dream of many aspirants looking for an engineering degree.

This examination is one of the toughest exams conducted for aspirants. Hence, an aspirant needs to prepare a lot to clear the examination and pass. So, an aspirant must look for the best coaching for IIT to achieve their goal and prepare for the examination. While preparing for the examination two things need to be taken care of by an aspirant

  • Strategy of how to prepare for the examination.
  • Things to avoid during the preparation of the examination.

There is much guidance on how an aspirant should prepare for the examination, whereas there is very less information and guidance on the things that need to be avoided.

So, in this write up, let us focus on what needs to be avoided in detail.

JEE Examination Pattern

There are two sets of JEE examinations, JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced). Each candidate appears in JEE (main) and the top 2.5 lakhs of qualifying candidate of this examination appears for JEE (Advanced).

JEE (Main) has two papers and the candidate can opt to appear in any one of the examinations or both. 1st paper is for getting admission into courses of B. Tech and 2nd paper is to get admission to B. Arch or B. Planning.

This examination is held to test the knowledge of aspirants about the concepts taught for Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics in Class 11 & Class 12 as prescribed in the CBSE board or NCERT books.

Strategy For Examination With Keeping Track Of Things To Avoid:

The strategy of preparation depends on the stage of the candidate. This differs with the class 11 or class 12 or Dropper candidates. The strategy should be developed to avoid the following mistakes:

● Know about Syllabus

Candidates must be aware of the syllabus they need to cover for the examination. JEE (main) examination has a set examination pattern whereas JEE (Advanced) does not follow the same practice. JEE (Advanced) pattern depends on the IITs conducting the examination It is always suggested that an Aspirant should join the best coaching for IIT to get the best clarity regarding the topics to cover for both examinations. Physics Wallah is the best platform that provides both online and offline guidance (through coaching institutes)

● Have proper Time-table

Candidate needs to set a timetable for a study that can give the proper time to each subject and aspect. The most important point to taking care of a timetable is that it should be followed so while designing the one, care shall be taken that time table is feasible. The biggest benefit of a coaching institute or platform is that it helps the candidate to stick to the timetable. Physics Wallah is the platform that provides both live lectures during online study along with this recorded one also so that one can learn later on also.

● Don’t get influenced by wrong guidance:

Being part of Indian society, one can get to meet many advisors in their day-to-day life. When an aspirant of IIT comes in contact with them, they come with full guidance on what to do and how to do it despite not being from the same field or being an expert in the field.

Aspirants should avoid this utmost. Correct guidance can help the candidate to achieve their dream and wrong can take them away. So, with the help of Physics Wallah, a candidate can get the correct guidance from experts and get ready for examination.

● Do regular practice:

A candidate must practice as much as they can, they should not be overconfident or delay their practice and need not think that they need not revise. As much practice a candidate carries out the concepts will be cleared and more will be their success rates. Physics Wallah provides its candidates with daily practice questions along with regular interval tests also, so that they can monitor their improvement and weakness.

● Get the Doubts Cleared:

Candidates must not ignore their doubts and work on the aspects to clear them. Aspirants should work more on clearing their concepts than cramming the ones. So, they should ask the teacher about this. Physics Wallah is a platform that helps the aspirant in clearing their doubts by providing multiple videos of solutions and topics.


It can be concluded that an aspirant should be focused, determined, and hard-working that should have a strategy, a timetable, correct guidance, a question bank for practice, and be clear about the concepts. These factors are important for clearing the exam. Aspirants should avoid being overconfident, having wrong guidance, having no strategy, no practice, and cramming without clearing the concepts and doubts.

Hence it is always recommended to join the best coaching institute for IIT JEE to get trained and be successful. Physics Wallah is one of the best choices for this. They have both options of online classes or a Coaching institute. So, select the one and start the journey of being an IITian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques-1 What is the duration of the courses?

Answer- There are multiple courses for candidates that they can join. They have crash courses, annual courses for Class 11 or Class 12, or droppers batches also.

Ques-2 Is there any study material given?

Answer- Yes, the platform provides the candidates with PDF Notes that are designed by their experts concerning the latest IIT JEE examination pattern.

Ques-3 What are the eligibility criteria for taking admission?

Answer- Courses are for candidates of Class 11, Class 12 & droppers

Ques-4 Is there any scholarship?

Answer- Yes, the platform of Physics Wallah provide a scholarship for which candidate need to qualify.

Ques-5 What is the success rate of Physics Wallah?

Answer- 1 out of 5 aspirants of Physics Wallah qualifies for JEE.

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