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The Southern Cities Where People Most Love Living

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The American South has a big reputation for being fun, vibrant, gorgeous, and one of the most easily defined spaces in the country, but what’s it really like? There are a handful of cities here that are a paradise for so many and that countless southerners love to call home. Whether you want a booming career or an easy place to retire, these are the southern cities where people are the happiest!


Charleston is a dream come true! This incredible city is one of the most beautiful on this list, offering fantastic nature, gorgeous architecture, and the best weather you could ask for. Although its long history isn’t the brightest on this list, it doesn’t shy away from educating people about it and showing how important it is to grow and change.

Charleston is on the more expensive side of the south, but compared to the rest of the country, it’s an incredibly affordable area to live in!


From affordable Memphis houses for sale to incredible food and music: there’s no paradise better than this! Known as the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Memphis has countless bars, clubs, and venues that offer live music year-round. Here you can revel in rocking out and having fun while getting to know locals and connecting with other fans.

For history lovers, you can explore the late Elvis Prestley’s estate and learn about his life- or you can visit the iconic Sun Studios, where stars like Willie Nelson have recorded. This is an awesome place that makes a lot of people happy.

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This city is best known for its nightlife, but Atlanta is so much more than drag clubs and reality television! Here you can enjoy a thriving economy, incredible greenery and parks to keep you active, and beautiful architecture that stuns around every corner.

Currently known as Hollywood West, Atlanta is home to countless movie productions and TV shows and offers the chance for you to become a star if that’s your dream! Beyond all of that, Atlanta has the best food and hospitality you’ll find.


This is by far the most expensive city on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting to live in! Orlando is often seen as one massive amusement park because of the many parks and resorts that call this area home.

The locals love how much there is to do and see here, while tourists love the chance to feel like they’re in paradise for the time they’re visiting. Although there aren’t any beaches nearby, it’s still an amazing Florida city to visit! 


The perfect mix of affordable and intriguing, Houston has it all. You can do everything from exploring NASA to taking in the best nightlife in the country. Housing here is some of the cheapest in the nation, and locals are always excited to welcome newcomers.

The South Understands Comfort!

If there’s one cliche, the south lives up to it: it’s how much it loves comfort and welcoming people. If you’re considering a move to a new and more interesting part of the country, think about moving to one of these cities! 

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