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Living on a High Floor or Low Floor in Dubai: the Advantages and Disadvantages

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In Dubai, there are many properties. So, when you set out to buy a property, you will have to spend considerable time figuring out the right property.

To select the right one, you need to assess your shortlisted properties on several criteria, like its price, location, facilities, etc. But, it can also happen that you miss out on an important consideration–should you select your property on higher or lower floors? 

While both the options have advantages and disadvantages, you need to assess them properly to arrive at a concrete decision. 

Also, first, you should know the corresponding advantages and disadvantages, which are as follows:

Living on a Higher Floor: the Advantages

Let us first discover the advantages of living on an upper floor, and here they are:

Peaceful and Private

The upper floors are peaceful and private. So, if you want a relaxed atmosphere at your home, choosing a flat on the upper floors can be the best option for you. In addition, you will not get disturbed by traffic noise.

Beautiful Views

Another advantage of living on the upper floors is the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outside views. As Dubai has an eye-catching skyline, staying on the upper floors can help you to enjoy the view. 

Better Ventilation

Upper floors get more exposure to natural sunlight and have better air circulation than the lower floors. So all you need to do is, open the windows when you need more light in your living room during the day.

But, there is a flip side too. Living on upper floors can be colder during the winter months. So, you should evaluate this aspect before considering staying in a flat on the first floor. 

Less Dust

Usually, flats on the upper floors of a building get less dust. But, it is not a universal phenomenon. It depends on the area. But, the underlying advantage is that you need not speed too much time cleaning dust in a flat on upper floors. 

Scientifically speaking, dust particles require kinetic energy to travel up to the higher floors. And, they lose the energy as they go up.

If you suffer from dust allergies, you should choose a flat on the highest floor.

Living on a Lower Floor: the Disadvantages

There are also some disadvantages of living in a flat on a lower floor, such as:

Problems in Emergency Evacuations

One of the notable disadvantages of living in a flat on a higher floor is encountering challenges while moving out during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, exiting the building can pose problems. You will have to use emergency stairs in such situations. And that can be time consuming and exhausting. Moreover, living on an upper floor can even lead to grave consequences in a dangerous case, like a fire outbreak.

However, things are changing with technology improvement. Advanced technologies can ensure security and safety for residents of the upper floors. 

Higher Electricity Expense

Living in a flat on an upper floor will likely entail higher electricity bills. In addition, due to direct sunlight exposure, the temperature during the day can rise higher. As a result, you need to use air conditioners, increasing electricity bills. 

Usage of Elevators

When you stay on a higher floor, you will have to use the elevator to move in and out of the building. 

It can pose problems during busy times because many people will be using the elevator. It can so happen that you have to wait in line for your turn. 

Living on a Lower Floor: the Advantages

When you stay on a lower floor, you can get the following benefits:

Lower Living Cost

Your cost of living is likely to come down if you stay on a lower floor. It happens because some apartments on lower floors come with low rents, as residents do not get the scenic outside views. 

The air conditioning bills also comes lower as apartments get less exposure to sunlight. 

Lower living costs are a significant advantage in living in a flat on a lower floor. 

Easy to Move in

It is easy to move into an apartment on a lower floor. There arises no need to carry heavy luggage higher up. 

Renting a flat on a lower floor is a good idea for people with frequent job transfers. It will help them avoid the hassles of carrying luggage to the upper floors frequently. 

However, there are good transporting companies in Dubai that can move your luggage from house to house, eliminating the hassles for you.

Pet Friendly

If you have a pet, staying in a flat on a lower floor can be a good idea because you can take your pet outside through the staircase instead of the elevator.

Living on a Lower Floor: the Disadvantages

There are a few disadvantages to living in a flat on a lower floor are as follows:


If you like to stay in a quiet environment, living in a flat on a lower floor is not the right option. 

Usually, apartments on lower floors get exposed to noise from the road and surroundings, making the apartment’s interior noisy. 

Entry of Rodents

Rodents and pests can easily enter a flat on a lower floor. And the residents can face related problems. 

However, residents can quickly deal with such problems with the help of the solutions provided by pest control companies in Dubai.

Security Threats

Flats on lower floors are susceptible to the threats posed by robbers because such harmful elements can quickly enter such flats. 

If you choose a flat on a lower floor, ensure no security issues. Also, make sure that there is a security staff in the building. 

What to Look at While Renting Out Your Property?

If you want to rent out your property in Dubai, you should choose the tenant wisely to ensure that your tenant conveniently finds living in your property. For example, renting out a property on a lower floor will make their living convenient if your tenants have aged parents.


Now, let us address the pertinent question–should you choose a flat on the upper or lower floors? The answer is–your convenience. While both the options have their advantages and disadvantages, you need to decide which option fits your convenience. 

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