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How to Stay Healthy if You Do a Desk-Job

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Doing a desk job does not mean that you do not hurt your body. On the contrary, despite sitting for the entire day without strenuous labour, your body is susceptible to risks. 

Desk work can take a toll on your body due to many reasons. At times, it can happen due to unreliable sources. For example, a keyboard or a printer can be a reason for your health issues. 

Dealing with health issues for those who sit at a desk for eight to ten hours a day can be challenging. Moreover, it can erode your productivity apart from causing health issues. 

However, there is no reason to worry if you do a desk-based job as there are ways out. If you practice some simple methods, you can get rid of your health issues due to sitting for long hours on your work desk.

It will help if you do the following things to deal with the negative impacts of doing a desk-based job:

Take Short Breaks

When you work for hours at your desk, it can take a toll on your body. It will help if you take breaks to help your body relax apart from improving your focus and performance.

Therefore, you should take short breaks to maintain focus and relaxation when you feel mentally and physically drained during work.

In this way, you will have more energy and productivity to stay active while working. 

Lower Stress

As you know, stress can take a toll on your health. So, you should make efforts to reduce stress, which can even cause heart disease and depression. Therefore, you should try to lower your anxiety as well as which can improve your health. 

Doing regular exercises and sleeping for 7 to 8 hours can help you to reduce stress. At the same time, it will also help you to improve your mental health. Moreover, your relationships both at work and home will become strong.

When you get frustrated, ensure that you prioritise something else, not on your colleagues or boss. It will ease your stress and strengthen your relationships. 

It is good to avoid smoking because of its harmful effects. Instead, switch to vaping as it is safer than cigarettes.

Avoid Elevators 

It will help if you practice avoiding the elevators and instead use the stairs. According to a study, one needs to walk 10,000 steps a day to maintain fitness. But, that is impossible if you are at your desk all day long. As such, you need to avoid the elevators and take the stairs. Another good thing to do is to park your vehicle somewhat at a distance from your office. And you can take a long route when you head to your desk. In these ways, you can walk more steps during the day.

Hit the Gym Weekly

You should schedule weekly gym sessions to remain healthy despite your official desk work. It will help if you even undergo a 30-minute workout session every week. In addition to weight loss, you can get many benefits, such as a lower risk of heart disease, better cholesterol and improved heart function. Therefore, do not undermine the need for hitting the gym every week.

Avoid Restaurants

It might not sound good, but it means what you should do. You should make it a point to avoid restaurants whenever possible. And there are significant reasons behind it.

The food that most restaurants serve is loaded with extra sugar and salt, making the food unhealthy. 

You should take homemade food that is good for your health. It is better to have a simple lunch from home or leftovers from the night before.

However, carrying homemade lunch can be difficult at times. So, you need to eat out. But, when you do so, ensure that you eat healthy salads or other foods when possible. Then, if you eat well at lunch, you will not feel the urge to eat junk food in the afternoon.

Even if your work schedule is hectic and your hands remain full at all times, ensure that you take your lunch on time every day.

Remember that if your lunch timing is erratic, it can lead to unhealthy consequences. So, you should make it a priority to eat on time.

However, your hunger can pose as a stumbling block to staying healthy. It can prompt you to lose focus and indulge in overeating, and eat junk food that can result in you losing energy and health.

But, there is an impactful way out–eat more often. For example, instead of eating three meals a day, you can take six smaller meals that can help you to maintain good health. 

Make Use of Your Lunch Break

One of the good ways to keep yourself moving during your office hours is to utilize the lunch break to your advantage. You can go out and take a stroll. It will also refresh your mind. Remember that the lunch break is the only time you can have for yourself when in the office. So, leverage its advantage. 

Take a Quick Nap

Taking a quick nap can help you to relax and refresh up. But, taking a nap in the office can never be easy. What you can do is, take permission from your boss. Taking a quick nap can help you to refocus and relax your body and mind. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Make it a point to drink plenty of water during your office hours. It can entail dual benefits. One, you remain hydrated. Two, it can be a great reason to walk over to the water cooler many times a day. It will also help you lose weight, stay young, get more thoughtful, and keep yourself free from mid-day headaches.

Consume Herbal Teas

Lower your coffee intake during the day. Instead, consume herbal teas–red fruits, verbena, or mint. It will help you to keep yourself healthy.


It is possible to remain healthy if you work in a desk-based job. All you need to do is to balance your work with healthy habits.

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