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How to increase audience engagement in a virtual conference?

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A virtual event provides ways to bring people together online to share ideas and other things with ease. Those willing to make an event successful should know how to increase audience engagement from different sources. Audience engagement is very important in a virtual event because it helps to accomplish goals with high success rates. On the other hand, enhancing audience engagement should meet certain things which give ways to gain more advantages. Furthermore, they make feasible methods to impact the audience while hosting an event.

What are the ways to increase audience engagement?

1. Making a topic more interesting

A speaker should make his/her topic interesting in a virtual event. Moreover, he/she should possess more energy and enthusiasm during the presentation. Speakers should choose the right topic for a virtual event that grabs the attention of the audience. Depending on the event type, they should prepare the notes and important points for a conference.

2. Pre-event polling

One of the main problems faced by a virtual event is the lack of audience participation and interaction. Virtual events require a social media or email poll that will help know the ideas or thoughts on a specific topic. Apart from this, pre-event polling results are ideal for those who want to connect with the audience quickly.

3. Choosing the right virtual event platform

Virtual event organizers should select the right platform that caters to their needs and goals properly. It is wise to select a platform that offers a customizable interface, various types of widgets, and interactive tools. Identifying the best virtual platform gives ways to leverage interactivity and participation in creative ways. Although having a great speaker for an event is important, it won’t attract the audience. Hence, event organizers should select a platform that has built-in tools to engage the attendees. A platform should satisfy the requirements of virtual events to make them successful.

4. Varied presentation types

A speaker should consider focusing on mixing up the type of presentations during a virtual event. This will help to increase audience engagement effectively thereby showing ways to get the desired outputs. The variation in presentations provides methods to engage the audience in several ways and helps avoid boredom. A virtual event should deliver messages correctly to the audience which will add more value.

5. Breakout discussion rooms

Any company or business that wants to host a virtual conference should consider having an effective discussion with attendees. However, it becomes difficult for them and the breakout rooms will help in this process. A speaker can split up attendees and move them into different breakout rooms. By doing this, a virtual event organizer can discuss the topics which are mainly related to the session. Apart from this, planning breaks can reduce fatigue and improve motivation.

6. Making the event trending

Anyone who wants to make a virtual event successful should trend the same by creating a unique hashtag. They should advertise or market the event online in different ways that help reach the audience easily. It is wise to choose the best hashtags for a virtual event that works well for Twitter and other social media platforms.

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7. Live performances

A live performance will promote audience engagement and a virtual event should host the same to entertain the attendees. Besides this, the audience will stay logged in and online for the entire event. Live performances play a key role in keeping the attendees engaged for a long time.

8. Using gamification

Gamification is one of the ways to enhance audience engagement in a virtual event. At the same time, an event organizer should make sure that a virtual conferencing platform offers the option to do the same. Another way to increase audience engagement is to implement a system that assigns points to different actions audience that takes place at the event.

9. Picking the right theme for an event

A virtual event should have the best theme to target the audience effectively. However, the theme should meet the objectives and event properly which helps to gain advantages. It is wise to select a theme after consulting with experts.

10. Mastering the art of personalized notifications

Notifications are one of the tools that can help increase audience engagement. A virtual event should use them well for ensuring outstanding results. The virtual event platforms can supercharge the notifications because they can give a powerful insight audience. They even show ways to achieve goals with high success rates.

11. Networking

Networking is the most important factor to keep in mind when organizing a virtual event online. Companies and businesses willing to conduct an event should plan for one-on-one and one-to-many interaction options. They should make use of smart matchmaking to connect with attendees who have similar interests in a virtual event which makes it more successful.

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