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Top 6 Hair Care Tips for Every Hair Type

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We all love hair, it looks great but only when it’s healthy. Maintaining hair is very difficult these days because in our society there is a lot of pollution which makes your hair unhealthy and dirty.

While maintaining your hair you only need to focus on one thing which is to know your hair type, all humans are different from each other, so do their hair too.

Some people have very thin hair and some people have very thick hair types.

So mainly you need to know your hair type. The best and easiest way to maintain your hair is to put oil in it.

Oiling in your hair makes you feel comfortable too. We know that people from the dark ages use oil only to maintain hair.

Oil is very important for hair. Not only just oil but according to scientific research it says that hair strength also improved by the human diet. Eating a lot of junk food will surely affect your body and your hair too.

So for this, you need to eat more iron, protein, and carbs, in any form. Doctors suggest the patients take almost 12 mg of iron daily to complete the desired amount.

Diet plays an active role in maintaining your healthy hair. Foods like Fish, Yogurt, Milk, cheese, vegetables will help you.

Take a diet according to your needs. If you want your hair to be less frizzy and less dry, you need to take dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt and if you want to increase the strength and length you should take more proteins.

Regularly Washing Hair:

Washing your hair regularly improves overall health and makes sure that your scalp and the shaft of your hair are dirt less and have zero percent excess oil. 

The best and the correct frequency depends on your hair type and also on your personal preferences.in case of extremely dry hair, do not wash your hair more than twice a week.

And in case you have an oily scalp wash your hair on alternate days! Always prefer cold water.

Chemical Free Products:

Shampoos are important. Use good ones, that is the basic rule that you need to follow. You simply can’t control the environment, air pollution, and other things that damage your hair as well as your scalp skin. 

So every time you go out make sure your hair is clean, always try to pick the shampoo that contains a very little amount of chemicals. If you want healthy hair go for children’s shampoo. 

They are made up of animal fat only and contain no toxic chemicals. Once you pick shampoo stick with it don’t change your shampoo very often

Correct Method of Conditioning:

Many people don’t know about conditioner, shampoo and conditioner are two different things, shampoo is used to wash your hairs, Meanwhile, conditioner is used to make hair healthy to provide essential ingredients to your hairs,

These essential ingredients make your hair healthy and also boast the growing process.

Although the conditioner protects your hair from every time of dirt, Mainly people apply some conditioner before going out in a day that’s because they want to keep sun rays away from scalp skins The correct posture is important, Apply conditioner on ends.

Naturally Dry:

People think that Blow drying makes your hair as beautiful as that of your on-screen celebrities. Keep in your mind that excessive heat tools can damage your hair shaft. Use these tools only on occasions. 

Try to cut your hair in good style and then simply use a comb, a towel to dry. But never sleep in wet hair nor tie hair in wet conditions.

Avoid these things, harsh rubbing with a towel or with a comb also causes problems for you.


Whether you have short or long, thick or thin or any other type hair trimming is a must.

Trimming is great for removing nasty-looking split ends, it is also best for promoting hair growth.

You can visit any nearest salon for getting your hair trimmed or you can do it on your own.

If you are trimming your hair at home make sure you are using the right scissors or else you can use the best cordless hair clippers for more ease.


The best home remedy is oiling. Oiling is the best. It doesn’t matter which type of hair you have, do oiling. 

The oil contains a very necessary mineral which is important and beneficial for hairs, do some type of massage with a fingertip to make yourself feel relaxed and light, Massage with useful oil boast hair-producing process and also nourish your hairs, You can choose any oil, Castor oil, almond oil, Coconut oil.


We conclude this article here. We hope you like it and it’s useful for you.

Here we give you an extra tip: Use coconut oil. Coconut is very beneficial for your scalp skin. Apply oil on the root of the hair.

It enhances the hair-producing process. For the best result apply oil and leave it overnight. You will see a massive change in a few weeks.

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