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Five major remedies: how to get rid of clammy hands?

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Whenever it’s the onset of summer, there is a hovering buzz concerning excessive sweating. There is no problem with usual sweating as minor sweating is considered good for overall health. But some people sweat in excess in several body parts such as underarms, hands, feet, and others. 

It is not something big when you are alone, but it can embarrass you when you are in public. Imagine greeting someone with excess sweat on your hands. It sounds weird, right? People consider it a trivial thing, but in reality, it can have a serious and long-lasting impact on your overall mental health. 

Trying to cure these with the help of home and natural remedies is a mere waste of time. There was a time when these used to help people but not now. Fortunately, you have plenty of advanced cosmetic and beauty treatments at your disposal to treat nearly everything, even the problem of excessive sweating. Let us figure out some remedies for how to get rid of clammy hands

What leads to clammy hands? 

Before delving into its remedies, it is crucial to learn about the reasons for making their way to clammy hands. Let’s have an overview of some of the reasons leading to clammy hands. 


The foremost leading cause of excessive sweaty hands is hereditary. Some people do not have this problem on their own but inherit it from their family members. 

Hormonal imbalance 

The problem of excessive sweating can be due to hormonal imbalance also, especially in girls. Throughout life, girls tend to witness changes in hormones from time to time due to menstruation, menopause, or conditions such as pregnancy. 

Health conditions 

In addition to the reasons mentioned above for excessive sweating, certain health conditions also lead to excessive sweating. The health conditions that lead to excessive sweating include diabetes, heart attack, low sugar level, and others. Besides this, a person can also have minor infections, which can cause you to sweat more. 

How to get rid of clammy hands? 

After learning about the reasons and conditions that make you sweat more, it’s time to know some of the remedies that will help you get rid of clammy hands. Those remedies will not only relieve you from clammy hands but will also boost your morale and self-esteem. Consequently, let us figure out some significant remedies for the same. 

Botox injections 

Usually, Botox injections are meant for cosmetic purposes, such as treating fine lines and wrinkles. Still, in certain cases, you can also use botox to relieve yourself from excessive sweating. In this, the physician will inject botulinum toxin under your skin to cure excessive sweat. 

Its sole purpose is to target a chemical that makes sweat glands active in your body. One botox session can stop your excessive sweating for a year. Along with treating excessive sweating, it also tightens your skin. At present, botox is the most popular option in the hands of people to cure sweaty hands. Also, take time to ask your physician about the cost of the botox. Usually, it will cost you around $1000, but still, you can ask your physician to be clear about it. 

But before availing of a botox session for yourself, you need to be aware of its potential side effects. Let us appraise you with some of the side effects of botox injections. 




Muscle drooping 

Difficulty in speaking, swallowing, and many more


Moreover, getting a mere botox session is not enough to cure the problem of excessive sweating. You cannot simply rely on the physician’s efforts and need to abide by the aftercare instructions laid by the physician. Most probably, physicians will ask you to take care of the following things. 

Avoid sun

As the skin turns super sensitive after a botox session, that’s why physicians ask you to avoid stepping out in the sun, as it can make you prone to redness, bruises, and swelling over the treated area. It, in the long run, will not bring the best results of the botox. As a result, try your best not to go out for some time. 

Take ample rest

Usually, Botox does not ask you and interfere with your routine tasks, but it will be best if you rest for a while. If you leave the treated area alone and rest for some time, then it is said that you get the best skin in a short time only. 

Halt your workout session

Unfortunately, those who are daily gym-goers and never miss a workout need to skip their fitness routine for some time when one is undergoing botox injections. If you want to get relieved of excessive sweating properly, you need to pause your workout session and enjoy your changed look. 

Be careful with sleep

 No one is saying anything to you when you sleep usually. But if you have availed yourself of botox recently, then you need to be watchful of it. We mean not to sleep on the treated area side as it exerts pressure on that area which might not be good for you. 

Avoid alcohol

The next aftercare precaution you need to take is limiting your alcohol intake after a botox session. As such, there is no problem with you consuming alcohol, but botox does not allow you to have alcohol right after the treatment, and it makes you prone to bruises, redness, and swelling, which is not good for your overall health. 

Go makeup-free

When getting some treatment done, ensure not to wear any makeup while getting it, as makeup will hide the natural results and beauty bestowed upon you by the botox treatment. Consequently, refrain from applying any makeup products and let the treatment’s results shine upon you. 

Use antiperspirant

To keep the sweating under control, you should apply antiperspirant to areas with more sweat. Firstly, dry your hands and then apply the antiperspirant to your hands. For long-lasting and effective results, you can use antiperspirant in combination with aluminum compounds.  

Wash hands frequently

The people who sweat in excess should wash their hands quite often. Ensure to wash it several times with soap and water as this will extract all the extra oil from your hands. Consequently, leaving you with dry hands. 

Drink plenty of water

By keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day, you can avoid the problem of excessive sweating. It will help you stay cool and also maintain your body temperature. Consequently, this will keep your sweat in control. 

Final say

Out of all the possible remedies, botox seems the best one and might be the answer to your question- How to get rid of clammy hands. Get botox done and witness an instant change in your personality.

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