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4 Untold Secrets of Sober Living Los Angeles Facilities 

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If you have heard about sober living Los Angeles facilities and their part in your addiction recovery, then you have some idea about the addiction and how to come out of it. The following are the important untold secrets that not many people know. Most people assume that sober homes are medical facilities like detox centers. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. These are simple facilities where you can build on your sobriety by staying off alcohol and other habit-forming substances. Read to understand more about the sobriety facilities.

You Don’t Get Any Treatments or Therapies

The most obvious one is that you don’t get any treatment from a medical professional in these facilities. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get any attention in these facilities. You will be able to get medical intervention when there is a need but you will not have a treatment schedule. What you get in this facility is a good and conducive atmosphere that helps you to stay sober. You will not have access to any habit-forming substances in the facility.

Peer Support Can Actually Go a Long Way In Your Recovery

The most important thing that you receive in a Sober Living home is that you will have endless peer support that can go a long way in your recovery. Unlike medical professionals, your peers in the facility will be able to understand you better and provide you with useful and actionable insights that you can implement immediately. They know what works and what doesn’t. So, when you get a temptation to consume a glass of wine, you can speak with your peers and they will be able to guide you better than a doctor or a counselor.

Choose Your Own Type of Accommodation

A sober home has many types of accommodations that you can choose from. From the most affordable to the most luxurious stays, you have everything in a sober living facility. You can choose to stay along with your powers in a dormitory or bring your family with you and live in an ideal location that can keep you sober. Similarly, there are also facilities in which you can bring your pet along with you. So, what kind of an accommodation you want to live in, is for you to choose.

Medical Assistance is Provided in Emergency Situations

Sobriety homes are not treatment centers rather a safe accommodation in which you can come out of your addiction with peer support. So, you will not have access to all the medical facilities that you have had in the rehab or detox center. At the same time, you will not be left needing medical attention. An in-house doctor will be able to provide the urgent care in case of an emergency. Having said that, if you have a need for continuous medical attention and care, it is not recommended to join these sober homes. These are excellent facilities for people who have already underwent such treatments and are looking to build on their sobriety streak.

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